Catherine Tidd is the author of Confessions of a Mediocre Widow and the host of Now What?, a series that focuses on issues many people face after loss. Catherine is also the owner of Social Seed Marketing and the founder of the Widow Chick Facebook page. She is also the contributing author of several essays in books and anthologies on grief and recovery and has authored blogs for The Mile High Mamas.

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“With wit and good humor, Tidd looks back on the time immediately following her husband's death with charming self-deprecation at her seeming inability to be a good widow. Through this, she shows readers that there is no "right way" to grieve.” — Library Journal

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Catherine Tidd's blog series not only deals with the immediate aftermath of the loss of a spouse, it also focuses on family, relationships, and moving forward in a life you might not recognize. From the beginning stages of grief to finding joy in an unexpected life, Catherine deals with these subjects with a warped sense of humor and a (sometimes) can-do attitude.


Anyone who has been faced with the devastating loss of a spouse has asked themselves this question: NOW WHAT? This video series answers that question (and more) through interviews with experts; from financial planning to numerology, we take a look at many areas of life after loss and how we can move forward with peace and purpose.