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Cream Sauce

Prep Time:

5 minutes

Cook Time:

15 minutes





About the Recipe

This is a wonderful, luxurious sauce to accompany the Chicken Divan recipe. The first night I experimented with it, my daughter was slightly disappointed because our original family recipe had curry in it and she LOVES that. So, if that's a flavor you enjoy you could substitute the nutmeg. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

This sauce makes several servings, but it is freezable. I have those mini plastic containers that you might use to put condiments in for a picnic or something. That's what I put the rest in so that I could pull each one out as needed to make the Chicken Divan recipe.


2 T butter

2 T all-purpose flour

1 1/4 cup hot milk

salt and pepper

pinch of nutmeg


Melt the butter in a small, heavy pot. Add the flour and cook over low heat, stirring constantly for about 3 minutes. Remove pan from heat and let the bubbling die down. Pour the milk in and whisk furiously. Return to low heat. Continue to whisk until sauce thickens. Let it gently simmer for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Season with salt plus several grinds of pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.

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