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Travel Planning and Vacationing Solo

When I was newly widowed, I did my best to schedule things to look forward to. That's why I wanted to talk to Deb Clark with Premiere Travel Planners. She not only has great ideas for travel, she has options for SOLO travel if you're thinking about that in the future. 

Deb is offering $50 off her planning fee for anyone who mentions the Widow Chick interview. Visit her at and email her at

Financial Planning and Widowhood

In this episode, I talk to Kristi Sullivan with Sullivan Financial Planning about what to do when we're newly widowed, small tasks we can take on when we're ready, and mistakes to avoid. Kristi gives us practical advice on how we can move forward with our finances. She's also offering a FREE COURSE on dealing with your finances after the death of a spouse.


CLICK HERE for the course!

How Your Strengths Affect How You Deal With Change

Knowing our own strengths and having a better idea of how they affect us and others can not only give us the tools to get through life a little easier, that knowledge might also be the key to more compassion - both for ourselves and the people around us.


First, you'll have access to the CliftonStrengths assessment to get your top five talent themes. Then an hour-long web conference to help you understand your top five talent themes. This only includes an online copy of the book, StrengthsFinder 2.0.


  • All 34 strengths

  • Online book

  • Three one-hour coaching sessions


Contact information:

How Your Birth Path Affects Your Grief & Life's Purpose

I've known Kate Hagerty for years and find what she does and the insights she provides endlessly fascinating. In this interview, Kate discusses how your birth path can affect how you grieve and your purpose in life. For more about Kate visit

For anyone looking to book a session with Kate, she's offering the following promotion for anyone who mentions this interview on the Widow Chick/Catherine Tidd page:

During this 30 minute call, we will talk about where you are feeling most stuck and are struggling over what to do next to move forward. I will provide you with an overview of how my intuitive gifts work, how I use them in my work with clients and if/how I can help you. If you’re ready to take action, we’ll decide together what that next step should be. Schedule your Private Discovery Session here:

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